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WEATHER:  Today Tonight

FL's Battle Over Public-Records Access Heats Up

SRWMD Chief Straight Up With Columbia County Residents & Water Experts

Doctors to Lawmakers: Slow the Rush to Frack

Suwannee  River Water Management Chief at the County 5 Thursday Night: Questions Accepted

Florida Budget: Surplus or Deep Holes to Fill?

Economic Development Chief Perseveres
Delivers Winning Tennis Presentation to TDC

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Economic Development Director Glenn Hunter looked the other way after being bashed for the past 17 months by the hierarchy of the County and the local print newspaper. Yesterday afternoon, to a packed house, he presented his committee's report to the Tourist Development Council (TDC) on bringing world class tennis to Lake City/Columbia County.

Chicken Collision – Was Everybody Blind?
JTC Farm Hit With $30,260 Mitigation Fee

City Approves $1,635,307 Park Renovation – City Manager & Council Leave Public Out of Process

Project estimate over-budget by $600,000

Proposed Public Records Law Change
Harmful & Not Needed

Hosp Auth Board Ignores Charter – Ron Foreman:
Giving Away Defibrillators "Great for exposure"

Lake Shore Hosp Auth Board Ignores Charter
Berry: "Radiates that he can give out money"

Activists Ready to "Awake the State"

Lake City Developer Wants $255,000 From County City Manager Johnson says, "It's a deal"

South Columbia Cnty Residents vs. 1,000,000 Chickens in Their Backyards

Barbara Jeffords Lemley & Stew Lilker Announced as Winners of the 2015 Pete Weitzel/Friend of the First Amendment Award

Florida Helping to Change Foster-Care Experience

Man's best friend rescued - then becomes boys best friend

Meeting Calendar
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It's Illegal to Force Students to Recite the Pledge of Allegiance

Bill Day's Latest Cartoon

FL Gas: down again, avg. $1.79 National average $1.74

FL's GOP: Passing Unconstitutional Laws Then Charging Taxpayers W/Attorney Fees

FL Following El Salvador's Lead on Abortion

Work at Abortion Clinic  Sobering – Rewarding

More Questions Than Answers After Court's Death-Penalty Ruling


Florida Legislature's History of Intransigence

Lawmakers Ignored Warnings About Death-Penalty Law

Some Floridians Still Fighting the Civil War

Annoyed Legislators Drafting More Bills to Keep Government Secret

The Chicken Collision:
I don't think the County is doing the right thing

Keep Gun Owners From Killing Themselves