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Sturgeon Are Leaping in the Rivers of North FL Running Into Them Can Cause Injury or Death

Sturgeon leaping on the Suwannee river. Photo by Joe Richard

Last hours of the Deepwater HorizonFlorida to Get $3.25 Billion in BP Settlement

$60 Mil Project Bark/Crystal Clear Goes South: Economic Development's Hunter Makes it Official

Coal Fired Power: National Mercury Limits Remain Supremes Remand Case Back to Court of Appeals

Lake City, Columbia County
Florida's Gateway to the Past

Columbia County 5: Gas & Cell Phone Taxes May Be on the Rise

Florida Health Activists Cheer ACA Decision

The County 5: Another Last Minute Change to the Meeting Schedule

County 5 Public Hearings a Sham: The 5 Ignore Rule of Law, County Attorney Gets it Wrong

Defenders of Wildlife Call on FL to Recommit to Panther Recovery

June Is LGBTQ Pride Month: Our Tomorrow Campaign Identifying Issues

Lake City Tries Again for $750,000 Parking Lot Grant: Will the 4th Time Be a Charm?

Florida Summer Meal Program: Reaching Out

Threatening To Blow Up Bank: Not a Good Idea
You Will Be Arrested

Florida Budget Deal Angers Environmentalists

Activists Protest Private Prisons

Skunkie Acres vs Lake City Reporter, Pt II: The Hearing and Judge's Order

Made up news; made up order

Skunkie Acres vs Lake City Reporter – Lawsuit Dismissed: Reporter's Newspaper Article a Sham

Part I: The run up to the hearing.

Study Finds 20 FL Hospitals Charge Uninsured 10 Times the Cost of Care

Medical Marijuana Petition Drive Launches in FL

Hosp Auth Board Member Vann's Resignation Kept Secret – Revealed After 11 Minute Meeting

Also: Eye on the LCR

Online Romance Scammers Steal Millions
Seniors at Particular Risk

Gov. Scott's Lake Shore Hosp Auth Board & Manager Berry: In Violation of the Law, Again

County Health Dept & Palms Medical Join in Health Fair:  Get Checked Saturday Morning – It's Free

Fire At the Health Department: Lake City Fire Department Arrives at Scene in Two Minutes

Sustainable Farming Works at Rooney's Suwannee County Blueberry Farm

Man's best friend rescued - then becomes boys best friend

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The Confederate Flag Must Go

Time Is Now to Take It Down: Heritage of Hate

An Unreasonable Woman: A True Story of Shrimpers, Politicos, Polluters and the Fight for Seadrift, Texas

Harvest of Thorns: We Won't Be Rid of Racism Until Elected Leaders Stop Using It

Take It Down Already! It's Toxic

Republicans Fret Supremes May Boot Obamacare

Jeb Cherry-Picks Where to Enforce His Faith

Pols Get Hot As Pope Warms To Climate Change: What's Next?

Beware of Jeb's Education "Revolution"

'Frack You, Florida': Rick Scott's Public Service Commission

We Stand Alone: Universal Health Care Access Must Come To U.S.

FL Health Care Expansion Defeated By Politics of Personal Resentment

FL Gas Up .6¢ Last Week   National Average up 5.5¢

Jeb Bush's Apparent Indifference to Real Lives of Most Americans

Police Body Cameras Can Exonerate As Well As Implicate

Ten Reasons Why Students Benefit From Uniforms In School

Lauren's Kids Poll On Sexual Abuse: Be Shocked – Be Educated

Marco Rubio's Obstruction of Justice: The Wrong Verdict for all Floridians

FL's Presidential Hopefuls Forget Deepwater Horizon, But First FL's 850,000 Uninsured

My Boobs II: The Missing Gene – I Need a Drink

Gov. Rick Scott's Economic Growth Summit: The Politics of Make-Believe – Anything Goes