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Cnty 5: At $80k Each & Dealing With a Diminishing Public, The 5 Digs in With Insulting Behavior

Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson, who drives 40 minutes each way, addresses the County 5. Four members of the public were left at the meeting. She was surprised to see the giant clock.

Sen Bradley & Rep Brannan Came to Columbia Cnty Everyday Citizens Voiced Their Concerns

Col Cnty Leg Delegation Hearing Today at 1PM: You can make your voice heard

Melissa Olin: The Third Circuit's Newest Judge - A Woman Who is Ready for the Hard Work Ahead

Florida Gateway College Board Unanimously Votes to End Support for Olustee Battle Festival

Gov DeSantis Poised to Remake Supreme Court African American Representation Zero

District 10's Brannon Sworn In. District Secretary Hartley Appears Before the County 5

County IT Policy Had Gov's $10.2mil Waste Water Treatment Plant Grant Stuck in Cyberspace

Grand Distortions About Bed Counts & the Future Keep the $31mil Hunter-Hilton Marching On

With Only a Slim Idea of Financing, the $31mil  Hunter-Hilton Marches On

Two Parks & Rec Employees Rescued From Cnty Pickup Truck in Rising Flood Waters

With DePratter Gone, The 5 March Ahead With the Hunter-Hilton: $25mil budget goes into dreamland

City Manager Upgrading City Web Presence – Working Towards More Transparency & Participation

Obama Care (ACA) Sign Up Deadline Saturday, Dec. 15 Florida Impacted by Fed Cuts

LSHA: Something Different – Locally Sourced Mexican Food May Be Making an Appearance

FL Gas Up 6.2¢ -  May Be the Calm Before the Storm

Gov DeSantis Poised to Remake Sup Ct - African Am Representation Zero

Fed Dist Ct Ruling Must Be Overturned - Millions in FL Could Lose Health Insurance

Marion Hammer -  NRA's Waning Reign? A Relic of a Violent, Hateful Past

All Our Elections Must Be Like Columbia County's: Trustworthy