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Columbia County Election Results

Lifeguard v Columbia County – Over
Judge Johnson Rules: This Case is Moot

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Whistle Blower Act Violations Claimed, Kelly Lowrey, Former Star Quarterback, Sues the Cnty 5

Lifeguard Ambulance vs. The Cnty 5 – It's Now up to Judge Leandra Johnson:  Part II, Court Hearing

Lifeguard Ambulance vs. The Cnty 5 – It's Now up to Judge Leandra Johnson:  Part I, the run-up

Posted August 22, 2016  02:40 pm

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – On April 21, 2016, as the Lifeguard v. Columbia County procurement scandal was lifting off the launch pad into litigation heaven, veteran District 1 Commissioner Ronald Williams told the County 5, "Mr. Chairman, I move that we take staff recommendation and let the hell fly where it may." This past Thursday, August 18, 2016, veteran Circuit Court Judge Leandra Johnson heard the oral arguments in Lifeguard Ambulance vs. Columbia County.

Nash Doubles Down on County Management Team, Ignores Inexperience, Personnel Issues, Lawsuits

New Study Finds Immigrants Boost FL's Economy

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Kelly Lowrey, the Man Who Knows Too Much, Puts County on Notice: "You've defamed me"

Cnty Chair Reverses Vote - Love's Wins - Confusion Part II of Economic Development the County 5 Way

Cnty Chair Throws Econ Dev Advisory Bd Under Bus             Part I of Economic Development the County 5 Way

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Columbia City Park: An Inclusive Park for Everyone Even the Legislature Thinks Is a Good Idea

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County Benghazies Lifeguard & the Public: Foreman/NGN Protest Response Untrue

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Lifeguard Ambulance Protests Again: 12th Hour Do-Over Mires the County 5 in More Litigation

Man's best friend rescued - then becomes boys best friend

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