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County Benghazies Lifeguard & the Public: Foreman/NGN Protest Response Untrue

Off & Running, Candidates Make Their Pitch at Republican Gathering

Lifeguard Ambulance Protests Again: 12th Hour Do-Over Mires the County 5 in More Litigation

Columbia City Park: A Chance to be a Showplace or Another County 5 Screwball Screw-Up

$1,325,000 Econ Dev Incentive On Tap At County 5 Tonight: Minimum Wage Unclear

Econ Dev: Extenuating Circumstance, Late Notice, Lack of Agenda Keeps Public in the Dark

Scheduling Difficulties Keep Public Off-Balance
City Dropping the Ball: "That's the way it goes"

Environmental Groups Sue FPL Over Pollution at Turkey Point Nuke

Lake DeSoto Deforestation Complete, "Chainsaw" Jack & Gov Scott's Hosp Auth Board Silent

Cnty 5 & Cnty Management Ratchet in $2,000,000 Slush Fund: Sunshine Law, What's That?

Florida College System Scholar Student of the Month, FGC's Jamie Weaver, a Single Mom

Brexit, Where Belief Trumps Facts and Reality: Just Make Stuff Up

No Fireworks Allowed in Florida's National Forests

Clean Energy Plan Will Cut Electric Bills

One of FL's Top Economists Talks About FL's Economy: "Really good for some parts of Florida"

Man's best friend rescued - then becomes boys best friend

Meeting Calendar
Don't be confused - Find links to agendas

Bernie Sanders Supporters Need to Grow Up

Email Leaks Prove DNC Fix Was In

Gas Still Tumbling: FL Av $2.10

The 2016 Republican Convention: Yesterday's Weirdness — Tomorrow's Reason Why

Trump: The Beginning of a Movement?

FL Leg's Must Commit to Budget Transparency & Accountability

Bribery, Corruption, Influence Peddling: The Supremes Don't Get It

Rick Scott's Breathtaking Hypocrisy On Water Pollution

FBI May Have Cleared Hillary Clinton: So That's That? Not Exactly

At DCF "The Sun Don't Shine"