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WEATHER:  Today Tonight
Monday Night – 6pm – Airport Committee & City Council
Agenda Airport & City Council Agenda Packets
Today's comment concerns the Blanche Hotel: Read your story on the Blanche – Gave...

$1.4mil Coming to Columbia County, Courtesy of the National Debt: Job Creator Kept Secret

The Lake City Reporter makes up the news, again.

The final graphic of engineer Spivey's presentation asked for questions. She received silence.

Animal Advocates Go to Court to Stop Bear Hunt

The Blanche: Economic Development for the Developer Puts City Taxpayers on the Hook

Columbia County School Chief Speaks Out: Supports Change in State Accountability

LSHA's Berry & His Two Employees Score 3% Raises. Governor's Board Oblivious to CPI

LSHA Berry Raise on the Hosp Auth Docket Tonight Will the Gov's. Board Jack Him Up?

Gov. Scott's LSHA Board Out of Compliance on Eve of Final Budget Hearing: Refuses to post budget

Wendell Johnson's IDP Blanche Legacy Project: Top Secret Before it Should Have Been

Blanche on Lake City Docket: City Manager Johnson Fails to post Council agenda – Leaves public in dark

19.5 yr Cnty Veteran – Cnty Agree on Settlement Terms: Art Butler, Now a "Man w/out a County"

Gov. Scott's LSHA Board Has 8 Minute Meeting: Refuses to post meeting agenda – Why?

Floating on a Sea of Cash, LSHA's Berry Digs In: Refuses to Post Budget for Tonight's Hearing

Man's best friend rescued - then becomes boys best friend

•  Meeting Calendar

Jeb Bush, "Stuff Happens"


I'm Done: Finished With Leaders Desperate to Get Elected

Bill Day's Latest Cartoon

The Season When Conservatives Ramp Up the Crazy

The Whistleblower's Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Doing What's Right and Protecting Yourself

FL Legislators to Try & Live on $17 a Day

Cruel & Unusual Punishment for One Murder Victim's Family

Before the Vote: Last Minute Pabulum for the LC Masses

Homeless on the Rise as Agencies Go Underfunded

Nat. Truck Driver Appreciation Week: "Your Tomorrow Is on a Truck Today"

Rick Scott Runs Up Scorecard of Shame: Flori-duh, indeed

Uncertainty Lives in the Cone of Death