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Blanche Hotel Developer Equity Skyrockets 850%: What is The Real Investment?

Johnson's Legacy Inflating: Blanche Price Tag Now $17,000,000 from $13,675,000

LSHA's Berry and LC's Johnson Ignoring the Needs of the Handicapped on the Authority Campus

Blanche Hotel: 6 Months & Counting – $14,000,000 Letter of Intent May Be Next Month

Blanche Hotel Train of Advisors Pulled into City Hall Last Night: Lots of Pictures - Not Much New

Blanche Saga Continues Monday Night: $14,000,000 financing remains unexplained

City Ramping Up for $1.2mil Downtown Improvement Loan

Blanche $15 mil Renovation: CM Johnson Playing it Close to the Vest, "You'll know when I know"

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