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County 5 Reschedule Board Meeting On Night of Lake Shore Hosp Auth Budget Hearing: Why?

Posted September 2, 2014  11:40 am

County 5 confused Florida Association of Counties meetings. They are off to the beach.

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Meeting scheduling of Columbia County's infamous County 5 (The 5) has once again given the back seat to Columbia County's residents. In order for The 5 to make a pilgrimage to rub shoulders with other county commissioners at the Florida Association of Counties (FAC), a lobbying group for Florida Counties, it has rescheduled its September 18th board meeting. It appears, that through no fault of its own, the rescheduled County 5 meeting is now at the same time as the Lake Shore Hospital Authority Budget Hearing, the special district encompassing all of the County.

Needed: Higher Education, Not Higher Student Debt

LCPD Labor Day: Drink - Drive - Under Arrest

Jellyfish Invade FL Beaches: The Sting of Climate Change

Election Results: County Races

I Had The Displeasure of Having To Ride SVTA

Dental Problems Number One Reason FL Kids Miss School

Former Suwannee Valley TA Operations Director: Team SVTA Accomplished Its Mission

County Attorney Candidate Foreman Ethics: Another Claim of Foreman Non-Disclosure - Sheriff Hunter Silent

"I had no idea... Now it all makes sense."

Posted August 23, 2014  09:15 pm

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – From at least November of 2010, through March of 2012 when Third Circuit (Lake City) Court Judge, Paul S. Bryan, filed for bankruptcy, Joel Foreman was representing Judge Bryan as his estate planning attorney. The Codes of Judicial Conduct and Professional Responsibility require the recusal of a Judge who is being represented by an attorney, who is appearing in front of him, and the attorney to advise the opposing party that he is the judge's attorney. After reading the Observer article, County Attorney Candidate Joel Foreman: Ethics Questions Surface, Thomas "Will" Miller stepped forward with the same complaint: Attorney Joel Foreman did not disclose.

Columbia County Sheriff: Don't expect to see Ferguson type military equipment in Lake City

Posted August 22, 2014  10:30 am

Suwannee Valley TA: In Disarray Since 2011, The SVTA Remains Severely Challenged

County Attorney Candidate Joel Foreman
Ethics Questions Surface

Posted August 17, 2014  02:15 am | (1 comment)

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Columbia County Florida is the only Florida County where the County Attorney, the attorney that represents the County Commission in civil matters, is elected by the people. Joel Foreman is running for the position. The Codes of Judicial Conduct and Professional Responsibility require the recusal of a Judge who is being represented by an attorney, who is appearing in front of him, and the attorney to advise the opposing party that he is the judge's attorney.

Clean-Energy Groups Question FL's Solar Plan

Lake City Upbeat About the Future of Downtown

Lake Shore Hosp Auth Manager & Gov. Scott's Board Clamp Down: Built In Fees Imposed To View Agenda Materials

Columbia County's Good Ole' Boy Audit Club – 30 Years and Counting

Posted August 10, 2014  09:58 am

New Research Gives Floridians Something to Smile About

DOH & WellFlorida Partner With Survey To Improve Health Outcomes In Columbia County

Complete survey to win $50 | LSHA strange behavior

Greyhound Racetracks: A Plan To Turn Them Into Casinos In The Name of "Dog Safety"

"National Breastfeeding Month" is Here

Human, Economic Health On the Line with EPA Rules, Say Supporters

Florida: A Man-Made Disaster - Monument to Greed - Lust for Power - Bad Taste - Stupidity

Feds Report Social Security On Solid Ground, Disability Insurance Trust Fund - Immediate Issues

Controversy Surrounds FL's Tax Credit Scholarship Program

Man's best friend rescued - then becomes boys best friend 

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Alleged - Farmworker Women Subjected to Rape, Coerced Sex, Groping and Verbal Abuse

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FL Gas Headed For Lowest Price of Summer by Labor Day

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2 teens arrested for torturing a gopher tortoise

Florida Sea Turtles: "Frozen" in Migration Race

Rick Scott: "Don't Be Askin' Me!"

Gluten-Free Doesn't Automatically Mean a Healthy Choice

Acid in the Ocean?
FL Reefs Swallow Bitter Pill of Carbon Pollution

Drilling Toward Disaster?
Concern Over Proposed Gulf Drill Sites

Bogus Allegations:
The Injustice of Guilty until Proven Innocent