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City Docket Tonight, 6 pm: Affirmative Action, Nepotism, Meeting Rules, Diversity

Florida Gov't in the Sunshine Under AttackMore Secrecy Than Sunshine: Lawmakers Push for Exemptions to Public Records/Open Meeting Laws

Federal Off-Shore Drilling Plan May Include Waters off the Florida Coast

Financial Impact Conference: Proposed FL minimum-wage hike won’t reduce Medicaid rolls

"Distracted Driving Can Kill You," Sergeant Clint Dicks, Columbia County Sheriff's Office

Florida Finding a Few More Families for Young Foster Kids

Left to right: Lory Chancy, Mark Thompson, Janet Creel, Stephen Douglas, Jay Swisher, Brandon BeilLSHA RFP: After Mystifying Explanations, Gov's Confused Board Says – "Columbia Bank – Sue Us"

Another Lake Shore Hosp Auth Mess: LSHA Making Second Attempt to Deal With Bungled RFP

Lead Graphic: County 5 Drops the Ball on ResidencyColumbia County Residency Requirement: County's No. 2 Caught in County 5 Dysfunctional Web

Rum Island to Remain Open: Com Ford Has Change of Heart at Kirby Called Impromptu Meeting

Amending Florida's Constitution - Under AttackCitizen Constitutional Initiatives Under Attack by Florida Legislature

City Manager Joe HelfenbergerLake City Keeping the Public in the Dark Again Tonight's Agenda Nowhere on City Website

Our Santa Fe Riverfest 2019 – Sunday March 31

Florida Voters Restored Ex-Felon's Voting Rights, But Did They Mean to Include a 'Poll Tax'?

Pt II: The County 5 Meets Animal Control – Lake City Reporter Not Creditable

Pt I: Lake City Reporter: Ginning Up False Animal Control News - Bridges Defends "hometown' Paper

Suwannee-River-graphicNorth FL's "Red Tide" - Sewage Floating South From GA into the Suwannee River in N. Florida

spiny lobster under a rockFWC, Office of Statewide Prosecutor Charge 3 for Exploiting S. FL  Spiny Lobster: Multiple Felonies

Graphic showing a Werner "We Keep America Moving" tractor-trailerEcon Dev: Werner Enterprises, a Billion Dollar Co. Coming to I-10 – US441 with New Facility

image of bat with copy: it's bat maternity seasonBat Maternity Season Begins April 15

Book Cover: The Last LibraryThe Last Librarian

Book Review: An updated twist on the disappearance of printed books

Census Prep Begins Targeting Underserved Areas

FL Exceeds "Million Pollinator Garden Challenge" Goal