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Yesterday's comment is by MB of Columbia County and concerns Animal Control: "I think it wise and prudent to cut the cords that bind Animal Control and the Humane Society."

Here Come the Goats (Brooklyn, NY)
When the Going Gets Tough, Hire a Goat

To help restore a decrepit, overgrown area of Prospect Park in Brooklyn this summer, Larry and Anna Cihanek evaluated more than 150 candidates. Ultimately, Olivia, a pushy young blonde; Diego, a good-natured loner; and six others were deemed perfect for the task: fit, eager and hungry for the job. In fact, they have been known to eat about 20 percent of their body weight in a day.

County Manager Scott to Humane Society, "We need to help you with animal control"

Failure Factories – School Inequity in FL

FGC Focusing on the 3E's: Education - Econ Dev - Good Paying Employment

Columbia County 5: Another Procurement Scandal

County 5 Box Themselves In: Poor Procurement Practices Have Them Headed to Court

Hundreds Come Out in Support of Santa Fe River and Environment: Riverfest a Smash Hit

Financial Advisors Will Have to Put You First

Florida Supremes Bolster Public's Right to Access

Columbia County School District Redistricting: On Hold for Now

A New Day, a New Lake City Humane Society, a New Columbia County Partnership

Animal vs. Humane Control: Drilling Down Through the Numbers, No Kill Nation on the Horizon

Lake Shore Hosp Auth: Helping the Indigent with Pens, Pencils, Pedometers & Unhealthy Food

Lake City Humane Society Awarded $75,000 Petco Foundation Grant: Lifesaving Work Will Continue

Lake City/Columbia County Humane Society Looking for Humanity and Funding

Econ Development Bd Recommends $1,650,000 Retail Incentive for Another Shopping Mall

Higher Sea-Level Projections: An "Opportunity" for Florida?

Moving Forward to Protect Its Springs, Rivers, Lakes, Drinking Water & Rural Quality of Life 

Chicken Collision Results In AG Zoning Workshop, Scheduled When Working Families Can't Attend

Groups Want Protections For FL Black Bears

FDOT's "Roo" Petithomme, Spending Federal Dollars to Improve North FL's Quality of Life

Man's best friend rescued - then becomes boys best friend

Meeting Calendar
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Charity Donations, Not Taxes, Should Pay for School Vouchers

FL Gas Up 13.8¢ Last Week Florida Average $2.20

Parents In Prison: Children Share the Pain

FL Supremes Under Attack by House Speaker & Speaker To Be

Gov's Buddies Want to Kill Bears, Panthers, the Environment

Rick Scott Doesn't Know When to Shut Up

Amos the Cat Saved by Two Special Women

Governor Scott Should Veto Alimony 'Reform' Bill

Yale to Rick Scott: Thanks, But No Thanks

Suicide: Sometimes the Bad Voice Wins

Employers, Paychecks, Insurance, Birth Control

Cruzing To A Police State?