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WEATHER:  Today Tonight

High-Tech Tool Turns Up Dozens of Natural Gas Leaks in Florida City

Lake City Community Tennis Assoc on the Move: Will the Cnty 5 Double Fault?

Advocates Fuming Over Oil Testing Plans in Big Cypress Preserve

Drunk With Power, Nash Bd Plays Post Office W/Developer - Cnty Bldg Leased for a Buck

FL Falls Behind National High School Graduation Rate: Alternative Schools Not Helping

City Manager Johnson Brings Clarity to Lake DeSoto Trees and the "Jack Berry Highway"

Lake Shore Hosp Auth / Lake DeSoto Hawks
Berry Wants People "to Have the Truth"

Lifeguard Announces Suit Against County 5, Requests Injunction to Halt County Negotiations

"Let the hell fly where it may," Com. Ron Williams

Procurement Mayhem at Gov Scott's LSHA May Give Lake DeSoto Hawk Habitat a Reprieve

Berry's Drug Claim: Bogus

FWC Rules: "Chain Saw" Jack Berry & Gov Scott's Board Must Save Tree with Hawks Nest, For Now

As Election Nears, Equal Pay Top Priority for Women

County Manager Scott to Humane Society, "We need to help you with animal control"

Failure Factories – School Inequity in FL

FGC Focusing on the 3E's: Education - Econ Dev - Good Paying Employment

Columbia County 5: Another Procurement Scandal

County 5 Box Themselves In: Poor Procurement Practices Have Them Headed to Court

Man's best friend rescued - then becomes boys best friend

Meeting Calendar
Don't be confused - Find links to agendas

Florida Gas: Lowest Prices in  11 Years

Push Is On to Restore Voting Rights to 1.5 Million Floridians

What If My Boss Is the Problem?

Grandma Gatewood’s Walk

Third Party in the GOP's Future? Trump Has Hijacked the Rep Party from the Rep Party

Conservative Hysteria About Genitals: It's What's Between Your Ears That is Important

Charity Donations, Not Taxes, Should Pay for School Vouchers

Parents In Prison: Children Share the Pain

FL Supremes Under Attack by House Speaker & Speaker To Be

Gov's Buddies Want to Kill Bears, Panthers, the Environment

Rick Scott Doesn't Know When to Shut Up