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The County 5 - Documents You Need
County Manager Contract • Cell/Home Phone Tax + 400% • BED Tax +20%
and the Ordinance that will put you in the poor house
The Special Magistrate

County 5 Blows off Tourist Development Council. Hikes tax, says it forgot to ask for approval. Did it?

Columbia County 5 Nixes Honest Taxation: Jacks Up Cell Phone, Business Phone, TV Taxes 400%

County Encouraging Low Paying Jobs
Offers $414,000 Bonanza for 32 of Them

Lake City Votes to Sanitize Its Logo: American and Confederate Flags Coming Down

The Council Deliberated 17 minutes

City Slides Confederate Battle Flag Onto Monday Night's Agenda 

Art Butler, 19.5 yr Veteran Dir. of Facilities Maintenance, Terminated: A "Set Up?"

Winner-Take-All-Winner Could Be Trump

Berry Announces $1,000 County Bonuses at Lake Shore Hosp Authority's Faux Budget Wk. Shop

Gov. Scott's Lake Shore Hosp Auth Has Public Dancing in the Dark

County 5 Covers-Up Bogus Rankings
Powell & Jones Gets the Audit Nod, Again

Columbia County 5 Economic Under-Development: Lack of Rules Hobbles The 5

Columbia County 5 Economic Under-Development: Another Bollixed Deal – Ambulance Co. on Ropes

Lake City Reporter Gets It Wrong on the Stars & Bars: What was it thinking?

Stars & Bars – the Conversation Continues
Mayor Witt, "I don't want a knee jerk reaction"

Defund Planned Parenthood Vote Today
Pro-Choice Community Fights Back

Monday's Lake City Agenda Still a Question
Stars & Bars, City Manager & Council Go Sub Rosa

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Turned 25 "Act Helped Tear Down Barriers"

Benefits of Childhood Medicaid: Medicaid Turns 50

Man's best friend rescued - then becomes boys best friend

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Lying Low & Collecting Money: Absence Makes the Guv Grow Fonder

Bill Day's Latest Cartoon

Our Country's Shameful Legacy of Poverty

The Deep Dark Hole of Generational Poverty: Breaking the Cycle With Boys & Girls Clubs

FL Anti SLAPP Law: Victory for Free Speech

If Hillary's Got to Go, Go Now

Unguarded Remarks: Do They Reveal the Real Jeb Bush?

Democracy in Florida Remains Lost In Spite of New Maps

Fox News Says, "Who Needs Journalism?"

GOP Takes its Lady-Parts Jihad to Planned Parenthood

We All Grieve in Different Ways on Different Days

FL Organizations Show Support for Planned Parenthood

Pro-life, Pro-choice: Still a Lightening-rod Issue

Gov. Scott Reaps Harvest of Sham from Planned Parenthood Fakery

FL Teacher Bonuses Tied to SAT Scores: Their Own

GasBuddy Predicts $1.98 Florida Gas for Christmas