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Amid Little Recent Violence, FL Cities Prepare for Thursday After George Floyd’s Memorial Service

George Floyd memorial wall mural

Alden Rosner & Todd Sampson Vying for Lake City Council District 13 This Fall: They're 'off & running'

Photo of slience (woman with finger over lips); copy: Lake Shore Hospital Authority Board-Silence is its game.Shands Lake Shore 'On the Rocks' – Gov's Lake Shore Hospital Authority Board – 'Silence'

Federal Judge Strikes Down Florida's 2019 Felon "Pay to Vote" Law

Lake City Hotel Mogul Nick Patel Optimistic Despite 80% Drop In Occupancy Due to the Coronavirus

FL Coronavirus Dashboard Mngr: Said She Was Fired for Refusing to "Manually Change Data"

CRC: Peeler Stands His Ground for At-Large Voting, But the Tide Turned, Measure Fails

The Columbia County 5: Wearing Masks and Social Distancing Is Not Their Style

Florida Tourism Industry On the Ropes, But an Uptick in Interest

CRC: At-Large vs. Single-Dist. Cnty Commissioners - Since 2002 the Legal Issues Were Clear

Governor OKs Big Box Pharmacists to Conduct Diagnostic Coronavirus Testing

CRC: OPS Com Meeting - Will the County Attorney Be Paid as Much as a County Court Judge?

Columbia County Government Offices to Reopen Monday, With Restrictions

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