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Florida grasshopper sparrow with copy:  Florida grasshopper sparrow. This little bird, still critically endangered, has something to sing about, and so do you.FL Grasshopper Sparrow: Recovery for One of N. Am's. Most Endangered Birds Reaches Historic Milestone

FL Lawmakers Miss Climate Change in Fixes to Property-Insurance Crisis

AAA Survey: 1-in-4 Floridians would Ignore Hurricane Evacuation Warnings – 40% Would Not Leave for a Cat 3 or Stronger

Photo of man walking alone on large white concrete area with caption: Florida Department of Education to go it alone. Withdraws from youth risk behavior survey. Critical data to be lost.Calls Expand for Florida Dept. of Ed. to Reverse Withdrawal from Youth Risk Behavior Survey

New FL Law Boosts Mental Health Services Awareness for Students & Families

New Florida redistricting mapFlorida GOP Redistricting to be Struck Down – Governor Will Appeal

Photo of military cemetary with caption: Rising military recruitment and veteran suicide rates - cause for concernFuture Military Recruitment & Veteran Suicide Rates – Cause for Concern

woman with bullhorn with caption: Florida culture war, now comes the court costsGov Wages War Against “State Sanctioned Racism” in Voting, School Books, Corporations

image of donkey and elephant with caption: congressional maps, it's back to TallahasseeGov's Redistricting Plan Would Cut Florida's Black Cong. Rep.resentation in Half

Mike Williams (second from left) with President Barrett, wife Laurie, Uncle Johnny, and Board President William Crawford.Florida Gateway College Bd Honors Mike Williams of Nutrien: “A supporter and great friend”

Presidential Proclaimation – April 2022, Second Chance Month: Americans With Criminal Records See Hope

Photo of wall mural with caption: Florida voter suppression law shot downFed Dist Court Judge Mark Walker Strikes Down Florida Voter Suppression Law, Rules It Violates Voting Rights Act & U.S. Constitution

Governor DeSantis Urged to Veto FPL Sponsored ‘Rooftop’ Solar Power Bill

Diamondback terrapin under water with caption: Diamondback terrapins: around for 250 million years. FWC ramps up new protectionDiamondback Terrapins: New Protection From FWC

Gas Spiking to $4 – Prices the Highest Since 2008 Diesel Hits Highest Single Day Advance, Ever

It’s Horseshoe Crab Mating Time: Become a Citizen Scientist – Report Them to FWC

photo of homes with caption: Florida's real estate market is hot. Sellers must protect themselvesFlorida’s Real Estate Market Is Hot: Sellers Must Protect Themselves

Photo of woman in thought with caption: Reproductive Freedom: Who should be in control?On the Heels of FL Abortion Ban Vote, Activists Host “Fight for Repro Freedom” at Capitol

Photo of new born baby with caption: AHCA Medicaid transparency will help even the tiniestFPI Weighs In: Bill Requiring AHCA to Provide Medicaid Managed Care Plan Transparency Would Reduce Race & Ethnic Health Care Disparity

vote by mail envelope with caption: Florida lawmakers double down on voting restrictions. Elections supervisors out of the loopFlorida Lawmakers Double Down on Voting Restrictions: Election Supervisors Out of the Loop

SRWMD Raising Awareness: 'Dive In' To Preserve Springs, Improve Water Quality

Image of home with giant hand over it with caption: Foreclosure scammers, protect yourselfForeclosure Rescue Scammers: Losing Your Home Can be Devastating – There Are Ways To Protect Yourself

Photo of woman sitting by street light with copy: A woman's right to choose. Doctors speak out agains FL 15-week abortion ban legislationAbortion: Doctors Speak Out Against FL 15-Week Abortion Ban Legislation

Woman sitting by street lamp with caption: A woman's right to choose. A hot topic for the 2022 legislative sessionAbortion: A Big Issues to Watch in Florida's 2022 Legislative Session

Photo of  prison cell with caption: New prison rules for Florida: no handwritten letters: there is backlashFlorida Prisons Ban Greeting Cards and Handwritten Letters: there is backlash